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Lost Not Found:Abscission at The Edinburgh Art Festival 2010

Lost Not Found:Abscission (continues) Edinburgh Art Festival 2010 There are now 12 pieces of Artwork hidden in Edinburgh. These photos may give you a clue as to the whereabouts of some Artwork, they are, of course taken in a great hurry with a pocket camera! The pieces shown here were all placed yesterday.

Placed during a thunderstorm!

Thursday 12th August

Some notes:

Busy placing Artwork in the rain…. A visit today to the modern Art Gallery and Boyle Family & Gilbert & George proved to be the highlightsof the show. Narowly escaped being collared as I cunningly placed an Artwork after cockily assembling & signing 3 in the same room as a camera. Then a walk along the water of Leith & Dean Village, drizzle & patchy rain then a clap of thunder as I stood under a tree just about to write about the mumified magpie on my iPod. Good idea …. Fantastic charged & ionised atmosphere by the river as I strolled on towards Stockbridge…


The Story Of The Mumified Magpie

A rag, a cloth a crumpled piece of paper? Closer, a black spiked claw, nothing within, mummified. A cautious, careful transport, wrapped & gently carried. Safely out of sight, then swaddled, entombed with soft White cloth, a jewel concealed within. Awaiting several days, the limbo on the doorstep with cautious cat overstepping.

‘Gegenstand’ (The Mummified Magpie)

‘Gegenstand’ (The Mummified Magpie)


How To Name The Artwork?

On Tuesday morning this:

A wonderful piece of synchronicity this morning, I’d just had some photos for the project printed and wasn’t sure what the title should be without being too obvious so decided, without looking, to put my hand out to the bookshelf in our rented flat. Without thinking, quick as a flash, ‘First book, 3rd sentence, 10th word’. The result: Ludwig Wittgenstein ‘Philosophical Investigations’ in German/English, the word, ‘Gegenstand’ that translates as Object, Thing. Perfect!!!!


Two More Clues:

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