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  • Heather Tweed

Infinite Monkey

A remarkable tale part the first, associative evidence of which may be discovered upon purchasing, as if by lottery, one of the creators Artworks available this very weekend at the Hamburg Art Vending Machine…  

Infinite Monkey

Information given herein is related in good faith, drawn from the original Ships Log and the personal diary of Captain Sibuna himself.

On the 17th 1810 Captain Sibuna stood on the deck of HMS Pyramid. It was exactly 11.59pm as noted In the Ships Log. The unsettling stillness of the ocean was Indistinguishable from the sky above, there was no horizon, no wind, no movement only an grey stultifying huggamugga of mist. The world could be upended and no one would be any the wiser. He still found it uncanny yet oddly comforting to be swaddled in this primal fog.As this thought crossed his mind the fog melted from the becalmed ship. Every movement rustled the braid on his uniform. At midnight he was about to raise his spyglass when an extraordinary display of lights appeared in the Eastern sky, they span and turned and danced, seven lights in perfect co ordination moving quickly towards the West then …..

Seek the further adventure at a later date at

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