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Edinburgh Art Festival, Lost Not Found:Abscission catalogue available now

Firstly I’m excited to announce that I’m Saatchi Online Gallery Artist of the day 2nd June!

28 small Artworks contributed by invited and selected Artists will be hidden around Edinburgh City Centre within walking distance of The Heart Of Midlothian for anyone to find.
Full instructions on what to do if you find a piece of Artwork are displayed on the packaging.
 Curated by Heather Tweed as part of an ongoing series of site specific, serendipitous art searches engaging audience, art and space the project has been carried out in slightly differing forms in Edinburgh, Colchester and New York with other Cities planned.
An online Googlemap will chart the progress of the project. Finders images, additional Artists and other projects will be added to the artists website during the run of the Edinburgh Art Festival.
This is a Game of chance and fate. Good Luck!A project catalogue for the Lost Not Found:Abscission series of site specific Art searches 
created for the 2010 Edinburgh Art Festival. 
Includes images of artworks to search for in August this year, information about the project, documentation and Finders images from previous years. 
There will be at least 28 artworks to search for during the Art Festival and seven Crocodile sculptures at Figment, New York in June. Selected Artists for The Edinburgh Art Festival: 
Millie Burton 
Peter Crush 
Vicki Fleck 
Carl Gent 
Allison MacKenzie 
Christopher Parks 
Charlotte Pratley 
Sarah Tulloch 
Heather Tweed Enjoy the hunt!

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