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Heather Tweed

Artist Writer Researcher


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Heather Tweed is an artist, writer and researcher based in Wales.
She studied art at Thurrock and Exeter, then teacher training at Leicester. After a 15 year stint teaching she returned full time to creating and exhibiting her art, studying creative writing and working on projects including Venice Biennale 2017, ‘Crossing Cultures’ with The British Council, Cairo, and Circus250 in 2018.

In 2021 she created a podcast with Dr Jude Cowan Montague. She continues to research and publish the occasional article with a focus on a future series of true tales booklets she has been writing.

She is a member of The Society of Authors.

Buy Sawdust & Spangles from Blurb HERE
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Print, Kindle & PDF available

Three thrilling true life tales of once famous circus and music hall stars.

Who was Zazel, The Human Cannonball? 
Why was Trick Cyclist Professor Letine brutally murdered at the stage door? 
What secret did Lulu-The Eighth Wonder Of The World hide?
Each story is meticulously researched using contemporary newspaper reports, books, and archived materials. Often overlooked or previously unknown factual threads are pulled together presenting a fresh picture.
These articles were first published in Ripperologist Magazine in 2017-2018.

Let the show begin!

Heather Tweed is an Artist, Writer, Researcher, Victorianist, once Teacher & more!

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Discover the non-fiction writing and research of artist and writer Heather Tweed

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